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  1. Grenville House 2021

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    DAY 4. 24.9.21

    Our Year 6 are on their way home and are expected at 3.15pm. They will remain in school until home time at 3.30pm.

    DAY 4. 23.9.21

    Mrs Mann reports a very good nights sleep last night, she had to wake everyone at 7am this morning.


    Day 3. 22.9.21

    All in bed prompt and asleep by 10pm. 

    Sausage and mash supper after an exhausting events of:

    Coasteering,  high ropes, abseiling and caving.

    DAY 2. 21.9.21

    Our Year 6 had a good night’s sleep and were awake bright and early at 6.30am.

    The events for today are:



    Groups 1. 2 and 3 – problem solving 
    Group 4 – indoor climbing 
    Group 7 – high ropes


    Group 1 and 2  – high ropes 
    Group 3  – indoor climbing 
    Group 7 – raft building 

    DAY 1. 20.9.21

    Our year 6 settled into their rooms and are ready for a good nights sleep.

    1.30pm – The coach party arrived just after 1pm for lunch. They are currently enjoying there first activity. (A text has been sent to parents).

    9.30am – Our Year 6 pupils began their adventure and are on their way to Brixham.

  2. Science Week 2021

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    Hemyock Primary School’s Science Week 2021 got off to a great start with everyone thinking about what it means to be a scientist – if you are interested in the world around you and want to find out ‘why?’ then you are a scientist!

    During the week we enjoyed being scientists, carrying out different investigations and activities every day, including Naked Eggs, how to expand a balloon without blowing it up, Dirty Pennies, Build a Tower (and a chair!), and Water Cycle in a Bag.

    Each day we studied and celebrated a different British scientist – here you can see Mrs Gill interviewing Dr Kate Evans (an animal biologist who has studied elephants, set up and is director of the charity Elephants for Africa). We also studied Professor Sarah Gilbert (Covid vaccination scientist), Sir David Attenborough, Dame Jane Goodall and Professor Brian Cox.

    Photo only
  3. BBC Children in Need

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    On Friday 13th November our children came to school wearing something spotty or yellow for the day. Thank you so much to all the parents who donated to this wonderful charity.

  4. World Mental Health Day 2020

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    On the 9th October we celebrated World Mental Health Day.​

    This is an important day to raise awareness of mental health and to encourage children and adults to talk about how they’re feeling. 

    This year we took part in the #HelloYellow challenge for Young Minds. Young Minds is a charity that works with children who are struggling with their mental health. ​

    To mark this day, our Mental Health Ambassadors asked us all to take part in Hemyock’s Happy Half Hour. For 30 minutes (or more) each class chose a fun activity to do together. We made lots of memories.

    By wearing non-school uniform and donating we raised a total of…

    Thank you so much! Your donation will help Young Minds continue their amazing work.

  5. London Residential 2020

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    Our amazing trip:

    London City:

    Warner Brothers Studios:

    Covent Garden:

    Pineapple Dance Studios:

    Thursday 27th February

    LATE DEPARTURE FROM LONDON – The London party will be departing later than planned due to a delay with the Redwoods Coach arrival. Expected departure time is currently 14:45pm. Once the party reaches Bristol we will communicate again by text message to Parents to give a one hour arrival notice. Thank you for your understanding.

    Thursday 27th February

    Such a busy day and all ran so smoothly.

    From Pelicans in St James Park, to artiists juggleing knives in Covent Garden the children have thoroughly enjoyed the sights and sounds of London. A delicious meal at Bella Italia and  to top off our amazing day the performmance of  Lion King was incredible. A 22 minute march home and all tucked up in bed by 11pm.

    We will message out when we are on our way home. ETA at school by 6.30pm. Please remember to talk to your child’s group leader at handover, in case there is information they need to pass on to you.

    Wednesday 26th February

    The London Year 5 Residential group had a fantastic time at Warner Brothers Studio yesterday afternoon.

    Children enjoyed supper and were all tucked up in bed by 9.30pm Tuesday evening.

    They are all off to Westminster first thing this morning. 

    Tuesday 25th February

    The Year 5 London Party have arrived safely at Paddington Sation and are now on their way by coach to Harry Potter.

    25th-27th February

    Please bring your child to Tiverton Parkway Station for 9am. We will meet in the ticket office.

    Tick list of things to hand in before your child goes on the residential:

    SOE3 off-site form   □

    Medical form, if required □

    Spending money □

    Paid any outstanding balance.□

    Reminder to:

    Pack a case

    Bring a packed lunch

    Bring a rucksack for daily activities

  6. Grenville House 2019

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    Another busy activity filled day. The children have enjoyed their last full day in the sun and also the rain! Last night they enjoyed a quiz and tonight the children have enjoyed a roast dinner. They have had such a great week looking out for each, helping around the centre and encouraging new and old friends. We are so very proud of each of our Year 6 pupils. They are looking forward to telling you all about it but not so excited about packing!!!


    Our Year 6 children have exceeded our expectations as always. They have been enjoying activities to the full. Their enthusiasm and perseverance are recognised by all, alongside their clear support of each other. Many children have achieved something new which is fab!  Today saw many children learning new skills such as caving, canoeing and climbing to name a few. They will have many achievements to share with you upon return that’s for sure!

    8.10.19 – AM

    A very peaceful night and hearty breakfast and the first full day begins. As new adventures rise our Hemyock children are very excited and they are full of energy (not so sure about the teachers though!). Pioneering taught us how to make swings from rope and logs as well as almost making a bridge. Now for lunch before more activities tonight!

    7.10.19 PM

    Year 6 arrived safely and got straight in to having fun coasteering, this is an activity of exploring a rocky coastlines by climbing, jumping, and swimming. They will all sleep well tonight!