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Through their time at Hemyock Primary School we strive to equip our children with skills which will enable them to communicate effectively.  Being confident and competent readers, writers and speakers is empowering and integral to all aspects of life.  Through our teaching of English, in line with the expectations set out in the National Curriculum, we aim to develop children’s understanding of and fluency with the technical aspects of the subject, explore the richness of our English language heritage and inspire a curiosity about language and words.  


Reading at our school is taught through phonics phases. Our children are taught phonics daily using Letters and Sounds, until they are competent in blending for reading and segmenting for writing. 

We use a variety of reading books to teach reading. Our children take part in weekly guided reading sessions, where they apply their phonics learning alongside a variety of other reading skills. 

From Year 2 through to Year 6 children read books from a broad variety of genre and choice of authors, their progress is monitored through Accelerated Reader software. We foster a love of reading at our school and our children are encouraged to read a range of books. All our children have access to our school library where they can choose books for enjoyment also. 

Where children are not making the appropriate progress in reading, regular interventions are put in place alongside our core offer.