Early Years Foundation Stage – Year N and R

Our Early Years Curriculum aims to lay a secure foundation for future learning. We engage children in early learning opportunities from the very start that enable our children to leave us as happy, confident and skilful communicators who are curious about the world around them.

All staff work hard as a team to create a positive, caring and welcoming atmosphere where the children feel secure and at the same time are challenged to achieve their best. The emphasis is very much on helping individual children to achieve their full potential.

We are fully inclusive, and all children are expected to think about the needs of others. We respect all families and aim to develop a positive two-way relationship with each one thus providing support for every child.

We know that children achieve their best when all their physical and emotional needs are being met. We embrace the individual and all staff understand that each child is different, and their learning requirements and styles are unique too. By providing a high level of wellbeing this in turn leads to high levels of child development and the ability to create and think critically.

We aim to provide our children with knowledge, skills and experiences in a hands on, holistic way so that all learning is embedded in meaningful contexts. We do this through a flexible curriculum that engages and motivates our children.