Grenville House 2021

DAY 4. 24.9.21

Our Year 6 are on their way home and are expected at 3.15pm. They will remain in school until home time at 3.30pm.

DAY 4. 23.9.21

Mrs Mann reports a very good nights sleep last night, she had to wake everyone at 7am this morning.


Day 3. 22.9.21

All in bed prompt and asleep by 10pm. 

Sausage and mash supper after an exhausting events of:

Coasteering,  high ropes, abseiling and caving.

DAY 2. 21.9.21

Our Year 6 had a good night’s sleep and were awake bright and early at 6.30am.

The events for today are:



Groups 1. 2 and 3 – problem solving 
Group 4 – indoor climbing 
Group 7 – high ropes


Group 1 and 2  – high ropes 
Group 3  – indoor climbing 
Group 7 – raft building 

DAY 1. 20.9.21

Our year 6 settled into their rooms and are ready for a good nights sleep.

1.30pm – The coach party arrived just after 1pm for lunch. They are currently enjoying there first activity. (A text has been sent to parents).

9.30am – Our Year 6 pupils began their adventure and are on their way to Brixham.