London Residential 2020

Our amazing trip:

London City:

Warner Brothers Studios:

Covent Garden:

Pineapple Dance Studios:

Thursday 27th February

LATE DEPARTURE FROM LONDON – The London party will be departing later than planned due to a delay with the Redwoods Coach arrival. Expected departure time is currently 14:45pm. Once the party reaches Bristol we will communicate again by text message to Parents to give a one hour arrival notice. Thank you for your understanding.

Thursday 27th February

Such a busy day and all ran so smoothly.

From Pelicans in St James Park, to artiists juggleing knives in Covent Garden the children have thoroughly enjoyed the sights and sounds of London. A delicious meal at Bella Italia and  to top off our amazing day the performmance of  Lion King was incredible. A 22 minute march home and all tucked up in bed by 11pm.

We will message out when we are on our way home. ETA at school by 6.30pm. Please remember to talk to your child’s group leader at handover, in case there is information they need to pass on to you.

Wednesday 26th February

The London Year 5 Residential group had a fantastic time at Warner Brothers Studio yesterday afternoon.

Children enjoyed supper and were all tucked up in bed by 9.30pm Tuesday evening.

They are all off to Westminster first thing this morning. 

Tuesday 25th February

The Year 5 London Party have arrived safely at Paddington Sation and are now on their way by coach to Harry Potter.

25th-27th February

Please bring your child to Tiverton Parkway Station for 9am. We will meet in the ticket office.

Tick list of things to hand in before your child goes on the residential:

SOE3 off-site form   □

Medical form, if required □

Spending money □

Paid any outstanding balance.□

Reminder to:

Pack a case

Bring a packed lunch

Bring a rucksack for daily activities