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Art and Design

Embrace Community   Be Curious     Show Respect    Believe in yourself


We very much value Art and Design and know that the appreciation and enjoyment of the visual arts enrich all of our lives. 


Art and Design is taught and explored in each year group and provides a valuable; educational, social and cultural learning experience for each child. It enables our children to explore and communicate what they see, feel and think through the use of different techniques and materials. 


Art and Design follows a progression of skills and techniques which are underpinned by each child’s individual imagination and creativity.  


Whilst practically exploring, developing and mastering techniques and materials, children are encouraged to express their responses and ideas and are provided with opportunities to be reflective of their own work as well as that of others.


Through the study of artists, craft makers and designers, children acquire new skills and techniques, explore different media and materials and develop their own understanding of the historical and cultural development of a range of different art forms whilst being able to make links to their own work.  


The art work of our children at Hemyock brings our environment to life through being displayed thoughtfully and in support of other areas in our curriculum offer.