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Hemyock Primary School

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Hemyock Primary School


Welcome to Saturn Class


Our Teacher is Miss Manning


Our Teaching Assistant is Mrs Gaskin



We swim on WEDNESDAY’s for 10 weeks through Autumn.

Anti Bullying Week

Saturn Class


In Saturn Class we first shared our understanding of Remembrance Day, reminding ourselves why it takes place when it does, why it is significant and why the poppy is used as symbol. After discussing the importance of remembering those who have fought or suffered during wars, we reflected on how lucky we are to be living in a country and a time which is full of peace. We shared some famous quotes about peace and spoke about what they meant. 


We then looked at the symbol of the white poppy, used to represent peace, alongside the traditional red poppy. We explored what peace meant to us, using dictionaries to examine the meanings of words linked to peace and drawing what we thought peace looked, sounded, felt, and tasted like. We used these ideas to write our own quotes about how peace made us feel and what we thought it meant. We have presented these quotes alongside our collages of poppies and have used them to create a class book called ‘The black book of peace’. We will be able to look through this book anytime we want to reflect or think about peace. 


In Saturn class we first shared our understanding of the harvest festival and how it is celebrated by different faiths and communities. 


We then linked this to our topic this term and used our research skills to compare the fruits, vegetables and grains that we harvest in our country now, with the food that the Vikings and Anglo Saxons would have harvested. We split into 3 groups, each with a different research focus, and used non fiction books and ICT to find out what our group of people harvested. We brought our ideas together to make one collaborative list and drew harvest baskets to compare our findings.