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Hemyock Primary School

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Hemyock Primary School


We use a range of diagnostic and summative assessments to determine how well pupils are learning the curriculum, to identify gaps and to inform our future teaching.  Summative judgements are captured at the middle and end of the academic year and are shared with parents.  



At the end of each half term, the reading leader assesses each pupil on our phonics programme (Read Write Inc - see here for further information). This checks the pupils' current knowledge of the sounds, their ability to blend and their reading fluency. These assessments are used to inform our groupings for the following half term.


Reading, Spelling, Punctuation & Grammar

Pupils in Years 2 to 5 complete tests twice a year to inform our summative judgements. These are used to inform teaching and interventions.



Teachers assess each pupil's independent writing against the National Curriculum to assess whether they are on track to meet the expected standard. This is supported by the use of comparative judgement, an innovative approach to assessment which allows us to check our judgements and to give us standardised assessment information. You can find out more here.



Pupils complete White Rose maths assessments at the end of a unit and at the end of each term. These assess their arithmetic, reasoning and problem solving. This year, we are trialling the use of SmartGrade which allows us to standardise our results against other schools; we use this to check our pupils are where they should be and to help us see where there may be gaps in comparison to other schools.


Reporting to Parents

We hold parents meetings in the autumn and spring terms. Prior to the spring term parents meeting, we send home an update on your child's attainment as a result of the mid year assessments. At the end of the year, we send home a report detailing your child's progress across the year. This includes the results of any statutory assessments.