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Hemyock Primary School

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Hemyock Primary School

Design and Technology

Embrace Community   Be Curious     Show Respect    Believe in yourself


Design and Technology is taught in each year group where skills and technical knowledge are supported by a clear progression to maximize learning for all. 


Creativity and imagination underpin this subject where children will be enabled, through their understanding of technical skills and vocabulary, to meet real life needs and solve relevant problems. 


The teaching of DT skills are applied in a variety of contexts and through making links with other curricular disciplines such as Maths, Science, English, ICT, Art, History and Geography.   


Through the teaching of Designing, Making, Evaluation, Technical Knowledge and Food and Nutrition; we enable the children to consider their own and others’ needs, wants and values.  They develop critical analysis skills and are able to make informed judgements about existing products as well as being able to evaluate their own products against identified criteria to make adaptations and improvements.  


Children at Hemyock Primary School become innovators and risk takers who solve ‘real life’ problems, as individuals or as members of a team.  The children develop basic cooking skills, an understanding of nutrition and a good awareness of where food comes from.