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Welcome to the PTFA 

Hemyock PTFA logo, 4 people standing in front of a grey castle with the Hemyock leaf on the flag


PTFA Events Coming Up:

  • Friday 9th June 2023 - Non Uniform Day
  • Saturday 10th June 2023 - Hemyock Village Fete 


Summer Fete 2023

Read Our Latest PTFA Newsletter

Committee Meetings

Meetings: Meetings are run roughly every 6 weeks in a hybrid style on Zoom and in person. We will share the exact dates and ways to join through the volunteers newsletter and Facebook page



If you wish to support the school through a donation to the PTFA, you can do so using the below link.

For any questions, or if you'd like to donate to us in another way, please email us at:


If you are a UK tax payer you may be eligible to apply gift aid to your donation. Please download and fill out this form and send it to the PTFA: Gift Aid Form for Single Donation

What is the PTFA?


The Parent Teacher and Friends Association (PTFA) for Hemyock Primary School is a registered charity (no. 1070324). Our purpose is to raise funds to support all children attending the school to access additional equipment, resources, enrichment activities and experiences which would otherwise fall outside school provision. We also work to foster strong relationships between staff, parents and the wider community.


Successful PTFA Projects 2022/23


  • Numbots & Time Table Rock Stars - Online Maths Provision
  • Accelerated Reader - Literacy Programme
  • Class Christmas Gifts
  • Mental Health Ambassadors Playtime Equipment
  • Community Apple Day
  • School Discos
  • Whole School Bake Sale Fundraisers


Annual Report

Please click here to view our annual report:  

Contact us:





Facebook: Hemyock PTFA


Join our Mailing List:


We communicate our activities and initiatives via the school newsletter.


However, by joining our mailing list you will be emailed the minutes after each committee meeting directly and occasionally notified of information that does not make it into the school newsletters due to time constraints. Reading the notes is also a good way to stay up to date on our activity.


Join the Hemyock PTFA Mailing List


How You Can Support the PTFA?


The PTFA relies on the support from our school community. There are many ways you can support us. More detail on all of these can be found by scrolling down the page:

  • Committee Meetings - share your ideas
  • Volunteering - donate your time
  • Rent our Eco Party Pack
  • Second-hand Uniform Shop
  • Donate to the Charity Clothes Bin
  • Amazon Wish List - Support the School with Resources
  • The Giving Machine - Donate while you shop online
  • Stamptastic - Donate while you shop online


Committee Meetings


Attending our committee meetings is one of the best ways to support the PTFA. This is a chance to hear first-hand the great activities and initiatives the PTFA are planning. You can offer opinions, advice or volunteer for events or initiatives that interest you.


You do not need to volunteer for events or initiatives if you attend the meetings. We value your opinions and advice just as much. Consider joining our next meeting to check it out.

You can find out about the dates of times of the next meeting through the newsletter or Facebook page.




Many of our parents and carers want to volunteer for small one-off events or initiatives, but don’t quite have the time to commit to the committee meetings or regular events.


Join our e-mail list and in the comments section, please indicate that you can volunteer for one-off events. We can then contact you when something suitable pops up. 

Ongoing PTFA Fundraising Activities


Eco Party Pack


Consider renting out the eco party pack next time you have a party.


All we ask is a £5 refundable deposit and welcome a donation of your choice:


  1. Get in touch (via Facebook or email – with the date(s) of rental.
  2. Collect your party pack from the PTFA shed, usually the day before your party.
  3. Return the pack after your party – washed up.


Pack includes… cups, bowls, plates, jugs, sharing plates, bunting and table clothes.



Second-hand Uniform Shop


Second hand uniforms are available to purchase for a donation via the PTFA. You can join the Facebook group to see an up-to-date list of items or email the PTFA for the list.


Request to Join the Facebook Group


Donations are always welcome and you can contact the PTFA to find your nearest drop off point.


Charity Clothes Bin


The Charity Bin is situated in the entrance to our school site.  Items can be dropped off at either drop off or pick up times, for all members of our school community.


(There are charity bins located at the cricket pitch, opposite the Post Office for those not a part of the school community). 


Please bag all items and tie to secure. Please do not leave items outside the bin, if the bin is full please inform the school or PTFA.  


Our PTFA will receive £0.30 per kilo. The majority of the clothes collected are exported to Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe and approximately 12% stays in the UK for charitable purposes. 

Below is a quick summary of items that can be dropped off (or not). 


Yes: No:
Clothes Pillows and Duvets
Paired Shoes Bric-a-brac
Bags and BeltsWaste
Soft ToysPlastic toys


Amazon Wish List


The school also has a wish list available on Amazon. Click below to see items that have been requested by teachers.


You can purchase an item on the ‘wish list’ and that item will be sent directly to the school. If you wish to buy an item off the list independently, please email and we will remove the item. You can leave the item at Reception with the class’s name on it.



The Giving Machine


Anyone who regularly shops online can support us via a free and simple online fundraising scheme


Almost anything you might purchase online – including insurance, telecoms, holidays and days out/events as well as clothing, household and tech goods – can be purchased from your regular favourite retailers via the Giving Machine site and will include a donation to Hemyock PTFA at no additional cost to you or to the PTFA.


Brands include eBay, M&S, Boots, Tesco, Waitrose, Argos, B&Q, Clarks, The Works and many many more.

When you make a purchase


  1. Visit:
  2. Join as a ‘Giver’
  3. Search ‘Hemyock Primary School’
  4. Sign up with a username & password.
  5. When shopping, sign into the Giving Machine which will then direct you to a relevant retailer. You can search by brand or product type.


Online Shopping via a Web Browser: After signing up, we suggest you install the Shop&Give Reminder for your browser. Once it is installed, if you search for a business or product that is eligible for Giving Machine funding, it will show you a Giving Machine symbol next to the search so you know you can use that business to support the school!


It does not spam you, and only appears when you search for the name of a relevant business/product.  


Online Shopping via Phone or Tablet: You can download the Giving Machine app. It’s called ‘Shop&Give’ when searching.




If you are looking to buy uniform labels, rubber stamps or a selection of other amazing products for children and families, consider buying them via Stamptastic.


Use the custom link below before purchasing items. If it prompts you for a PTFA code use: EX15 3RY.


Visit Stamptastic to find out more


Special Offer: Every time an order is placed for a Name Labels Deluxe Bundle with your PTA code, the customer receives a FREE white fabric pen (worth £4.99) and your PTA receives 15% commission on the whole order (less VAT)

Contact us:





Facebook: Hemyock PTFA