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The study of geography involves our children exploring the relationship and interactions between people and the environments in which they live.


Children of today will inhabit a world of 11 billion people.  The many opportunities and challenges that will arise during their lifetime, will be very much linked to geography at personal, national and global scales. This has been carefully considered throughout our geography curriculum plan, which aims to be aspirational, relevant, progressively challenging and inclusive.


Geography is taught through topics which promote enquiry based learning , such as ‘Water, Water Everywhere!’ and ‘Extreme Earth’ . The enquiry approach allows pupils to develop geographical skills, through asking relevant questions, carrying out fieldwork and drawing conclusions. Teaching through topics also allows children to understand the many links between geography and other subjects such as science and history.


Where appropriate, we provide rich opportunities for children to learn about their immediate and local environment and compare this to contrasting locations. The school sits in an area of outstanding natural beauty and we want our children to value this for them selves and how this compares to their wider world. Our Ever Changing World topic included a trip to explore The National Park of Exmoor. Locally we study the river Culm that runs through the village.